Best Supplements for Men Over 50

As we age, our bodies produce less of the chemicals that contribute to our fitness. A healthy, nutritious diet is foundational. Supplements are intended to “supplement” that good diet.

This list is based on my opinions.  And, my opinions have been formed over years of personal experience and the many things I’ve learned from countless experts. Some may disagree with my list, or, the order.

That’s OK. I’m not trying to say that my list is THE best list. But, as a guy in his 60s, these supplements are working well for me. My aim is to share my knowledge and experience to help you in choosing the best supplements for men over 50.

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I’ll explain why I have each of these supplements on my list to help you in making decisions for yourself.

My Fitness Journey

In my 20s my fitness included running 3 to 5 miles a day and, as much water skiing and snow skiing as I could fit in. In my 30s I played racquetball 2 hours per day, 6 days a week.

In my 40s I got into roller hockey. Additionally, to playing with all the kids in the neighborhood I played on a team at the local club. I usually trained by various skating routines to get faster.

At 47, I decided it was time to hang up the skates. I wanted to start training with weights. I knew I needed some help and structure, (a plan). Being kind of competitive, I joined a 90-day challenge.

The program included 3 days per week of weight training. Each session took 45 to 60 minutes. And, 3 days of High Intensity cardio training for 20 minutes each session. I also tracked what I ate each day and how much water I drank.

The two supplements I used were protein powder and creatine. The picture below was my “after picture”. Unfortunately I lost the “before” picture, but, trust me, it was nothing to be proud of.

The after picture was exactly 11 weeks and 4 days after I started the program. I was 47 years old. And, only 2 supplements: protein powder and creatine.

How to Build Muscle After 60

This blog post is one in a series that is going to provide you with information, encouragement and inspiration to learn how to build muscle after 60 and beyond.

When I was 62 years old I was lean and fit. I decided I wanted to build some muscle. As I did when I was 47 I researched and found a workout and diet plan I thought would help me reach my goals. There’s a picture on the last page of this article. I was nearing 63 years of age.

I had packed on more muscle than I ever had in my life, in 90 days. Part of the program required that I eat . So, I had more muscle AND more fat. (See picture on the last page of this article.)

4 years later, at age 66, I still maintained a good amount of the muscle and with less body fat. (See picture on the last page of this article.)

I’m just a normal guy who works about 55 hours per week, and follows good workout and diet plans that experts design. You can do this! If you are someone who wonders, “Why would I want to build muscle?”

If you wonder how you would find the motivation, take a look at my article that addresses those questions:

The Best Supplements for Men Over 50

Two reminders:

1) This list is based upon my research and years of experience. You can find many similar lists with other opinions. I’m in my 60s and have provided a couple of pictures above to help show that I have been getting fairly good results for my age.

I put the list in order of importance for me. You might have some differences based on your needs and goals.

2) I include the “under 50 guys”, aka “The Youngsters” as they are facing similar challenges as they age.


Few people of any age get all the vitamins and minerals they need from the food they eat every day. I have read favorable and unfavorable studies of some popular multi-vitamins out there. For over 10 years my family and I have taken multi-vitamins provided by Life Extension

Life Extension is a science-based company, devoted to helping people live longer, healthier lives. A whopping 98% of their customers recommend them to family and friends. The superior quality of their products is above reproach. 99% of their products are manufactured in the U.S. and a Certificate Analysis is available for every product they produce. Their website is full of scientific studies conducted by Life Extension’s scientists and many others as well.

You can check them out at:


It may surprise you that I would list Testosterone second in my list, but as we age our body produces less and less testosterone. Testosterone levels drop about 1% per year after age 30.

There are a massive number of supplements on the market that promise to do great things for you as they stimulate your body’s testosterone-producing abilities. Results vary. There are dangers to having too little or too much testosterone.

I recommend getting help from your doctor. He or she can have your blood tested to know exactly what your levels are. Then you can be prescribed with either a serum to inject weekly or a cream to spread on your skin daily.

By monitoring blood levels you can assure that you have a truly healthy amount of testosterone, not too much and not too little.

If your testosterone levels are low, you will find wonderful benefits in raising those levels to appropriate levels. For me, following are some immediate benefits I’ve experienced:

  • More energy and vitality
  • More energy for working out without getting tired. With testosterone, I can work out for and hour and still have plenty of energy. Without, I feel low energy after 20 to 30 minutes of working out.
  • Improved muscle growth and overall fitness in response to my training regiments
  • Better, overall sense of well-being
  • Increased libido

Suffice it to say, if you have low “T”, it will be worth checking in with your doctor. It can be a huge help to your quest for fitness.

Protein Powder

As I’ve explained in a previous post, Proteins are the building blocks for growing muscle, at any age. Protein powder or bars are a convenient way to supplement your healthy diet with the amount of protein you need every day.

My personal favorite is “Pro JYM Protein Blend Ultra-Premium Protein Powder”. What sets this supplement apart from others is the scientific blend of 3 protein sources that digest and synthesize at different rates.

When you add medium-digesting and slow-digesting proteins to fast-digesting whey, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated for longer than when using whey alone.

And muscle protein retention is higher, as well. That means that more protein is being built in the muscle, which is what leads to long term gains in muscle size and strength.

The chart below illustrates the time each protein is at work. The Whey Isolate goes to work very quickly. The synthesis of the egg protein is medium in time. And, the micellar casein is still at work for hours after ingestion.

Pro JYM Digestion Timeframe

And the different flavors are fantastic. Check out the Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl! The price per serving is much less expensive if you purchase the 4 pound bag vs. the 2 pounder. Click on the link below if you would like to learn more or purchase the Pro JYM powder.

Pro JYM Ultra Premium Protein Blend


Creatine can help increase power and intensity in resistance exercising which results in greater muscle growth and strength. It is a substance that our bodies produce, and, like other substances that produce energy and strength, it lessens as we age.

Primary foods that have creatine are meats. It is most abundant in beef. You’d have to eat 2 pounds of steak to get 5 grams of creatine.

There are two primary kinds of creatine on the market today, creatine mono hydrate and creatine hcl. The mono hydrate form has been around the longest and is, by far the most popular.

It is also the most researched. In some people it can cause intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. Those people would prefer the creatine hcl which has not shown any negative side effects.

I can tell significant performance improvement, training with weights, when I am taking creatine every day. I’ve taken both the mono hydrate and the hcl types of creatine. They both work well for me and I have never suffered any side effects from the mono hydrate.

When I’ve stopped taking creatine for a while, I can tell a drop-off in my strength and energy to push through in workouts. As a result, I take 5 to 10 grams of creatine daily.

“Six Star Creatine X3” has the highest rating, 9.9, of all creatine products sold on sells it for $14.99, ($.075 per serving). You can learn more or purchase it by clicking on the picture below:

Pre-workout Supplement

There are many, many pre-workout supplements on the market today. I have tried many of them over the years and found them to be super effective in helping with more energy and focus so I can really maximize each and every set in my workout.

“Neruocore Pre-workout” by MuscleTech is one of the best rated pre-workout powders and definitely the best priced. It scores 9.2 out of 10 with 676 reviews. It’s normally $22.99 per container. At the time of this writing has it for $16.09.

If you’d like to learn more about it, just click on the link:


Branch-Chain Amino Acids are made up of leucine, isoleucine and valine. All three are amino acids. They are found in protein-rich foods and protein supplements.

They can also be consumed in BCAA supplements. And, they are effective in aiding protein synthesis. That helps with muscle growth, and reduces exercise fatigue when engaged in resistance training.

I like to put BCAA powder in my shaker cup full of water and drink it during my workouts. I find it helps me power through each set and have energy reserves by the end of my work-out. BCAA’s are also effective as a pre, or, post-workout supplement.

The BCAA supplement I use is, “BCAA Energy Amino Acids” by Evolution Nutrition. With 2,866 reviews it earns a 9.4 out of 10 score. And, at $21.99 per container, it is less than half the price of some of its competitors.

At the time of this writing has a special: 2 for $36.00. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing, you can click on the following link:


Inflammation is part of the body’s defense system. As we age there is a part of our immune system that increases and that is the part that causes inflammation. The term “inflammaging” is used to describe it.

We can begin to experience chronic inflammation that results in various aches and pains as we age. Additionally, to reducing overall quality of life, chronic inflammation can lead to various diseases such as stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Diet certainly plays an important role. There are foods which contribute to inflammation and foods which counter-act it.

I take a product named “Relief Factor”. It’s 100% drug free and 100% botanical and fish oil. It’s anti-inflammatory properties support relief from aches and pains.

And, it comes in convenient individual packets. It has been amazing for me in eliminating the discomfort I had learned to live with in my knees. You can get a “3-week Quick Start” for $19.95 + S&H here.  Copy and paste this into your web browser:


I actually take all the supplements above every day. I am not suggesting you have to do that in order to be fit. You probably already take something in the list above.

I hope the information has been helpful for you in learning what some most effective supplements guys our age can take as we work toward becoming more fit and more youthful with an ever-increasing quality of life.

I welcome your comments and questions below.

Pictures Below:

I was almost 63 in the pic below. I was near the end of a 90 training and diet plan. I gained on more muscle than I ever had before. My diet had me ingesting more calories than I burned so I added fat pounds as well.

The last picture I was 66. I had retained much of the muscle I had gained two years earlier and was able to reduce much of the fat. I was doing more cardio which helped improve my overall fitness and sense of well-being. My reason for sharing these pictures is my hope that you will realize you can improve every aspect of fitness in your 60s and beyond. We lose muscle and bone every year as we age unless we do resistance training to grow both muscle and bone. That’s why I believe it is the most important part of a fitness regiment for old guys like us. You can do this!