Pro JYM Protein Powder – Review

JYM Supplements are designed based on science.

Jim Stopponi, Phd is the creator of Pro JYM Protein Powder.  He has a PhD in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry.

He served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine, where he investigated the effects of exercise and diet on gene regulation in muscle tissue.

Jim Stoppani, PhD

He’s been Senior Science Editor for some of the industry’s biggest magazines.  Stopponi has trained celebrities and millions of others through his various platforms.

As he says, His personal and company mission is to change lives through proper training, nutrition and supplementation, all based on the latest scientific research, while following the motto of “Do the Right Thing.”

Protein Supplements can Vary Greatly in Quality

There are “cheap” ways to produce protein supplements.  The highest quality proteins cost much more than some of the lowest quality ones.  If a protein is of low quality and low cost it can be sold to the consumer for less.

Most consumers have no idea.  They may believe claims by manufacturers that may not be true.  And if they taste good, many consumers will go with the lower price good tasting protein supplement.

For example, there is a process called “nitrogen spiking”.  (Sometimes it is referred to as “protein spiking” or “amino spiking”.)

Protein is made up of different amino acids that are strung together in a chain, and every amino acid contains nitrogen.  Nitrogen is measured to determine how much protein is in the supplement.Protein-Drink-and-Dumbbel

High quality protein is delivered as “complete protein”.  Complete proteins, as are found in meat, fish, poultry and dairy products.  The essential amino acids in complete proteins have the essential amino acids strung together in a chain.

It is much less expensive to put individual amino acids into a protein supplement.  They have the nitrogen but they don’t deliver the quality of protein.

Two ‘red flags’ in the protein supplement industry:

  1. The term “Proprietary Formula”, or, “Proprietary Blend” is an indication that something is being hidden.  The consumer thinks that the special blend is so their competitors won’t know the ingredients and doses.  More often, it’s hiding inferior quality or dose.
    1. If you would like more information on “Proprietary” Formulas click this link:  Proprietary Formulas
  2. If individual amino acids are listed as ingredients there is at least a possibility that some of the more expensive complete protein has been removed and replace with less expensive, individual amino acids that have the nitrogen, but not the protein.Protein-Powder

The label here was from a protein powder manufacturered with nitrogen spiking.  There was a law suit.  The label claimed there were 30 grams of protein.  It was revealed in the law suit that after the ‘spiking’ agents were removed, there was only 21.5 grams of protein.

Of course the whole reason for this and other unscrupulous practices is to give lower prices to the consumer and more profit for the manufacturers.

Many of these amino acids are produced in China through the chemical synthesis of keratin, which is derived from trash like hair, feathers, fingernails, and fur, and thus sells for less than a dollar a pound.

If you’d like to learn any more about protein supplements you can read my article:  Building Muscle After 60

In my research I found that average complete protein for supplements cost manufacturers about $5 to $6 a pound.  The very highest quality can cost as high as $18 per pound.

Of course with Pro JYM Protein Powder there is

  • No nitrogen spiking
  • No proprietary blends
  • No questionable sources of protein
  • No cheap and inferior whey protein concentrate or caseinates

There is transparency.  The commitment to the highest quality and based on all the latest scientifc reasearch.  Something else I like about JYM supplements is that Dr. Stoppani tests them on himself and with his clients to insure the highest performance possible.

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BODYBUILDING.COM has a Price Match Guarantee.  They will not be undersold.

Protein Blend vs Single Source

The issue here is to determine if it is better to take just one form of protein such as Whey, or, is it more advantageous to take a blend.  The reserarch now shows that better muscle gains will be derived from properly proportioned blends.

Whey, for example, is a very fast digesting protein.  Soon after a workout, drinking down some whey protein is the fastest way to get protein synthesis going.  Protein synthesis is the process where the protein goes to work to recover and build the muscle.

But, whey’s strength is also its weakness.  It’s like a sprinter who goes real fast for a short distance but then he’s done.  His energy is spent.


Since muscle protein synthesis leads to muscle growth, continuing muscle protein synthesis for longer can have a significant impact on your gains.

Which proteins, in which doses and which percentages all play an important role in maximizing the efficacy of the protein blend.

Which Proteins and in What Proportions are Best?

The 24 grams of protein in each scoop of Pro JYM contain the following:

Whey protein isolate: 7.5 g
Micellar casein: 7 g
Egg albumen: 2.5g
Milk protein isolate: 7 g (5.5 g casein, 1.5 g whey)

Since milk protein isolate is 20 percent whey protein and 80 percent micellar casein, the 24 grams of protein in Pro JYM are really broken down into three main categories:

Whey protein: 9 grams (40%)
Miceller casein: 12.5 grams (50%)
Egg white protein: 2.5 grams (10%)

What is the Science That Makes These 4 Proteins Right for the Blend?

To the right is an infographic created by Dr. Stoppani, illustrating the science behind the blend.Jim-Stoppani-Info-Graphic


There are 2 kinds of protein in milk.  Casein and whey.  Casein makes up about 80% and whey the other 20%.  After whey is extracted from the milk it is put through a number of filtering processes to remove the carbohydrates and fat.

The more filtering the more pure the protein is.

Whey protein isolate is the purest form.  There are a couple of different methods to perform the filtration.

One is called “ion exchange”.  It uses chemicals to isolate the whey and make it pure.  The problem with this process is the “peptides” are lost.  They are ablsolutely essential for the whey to maximize muscle growth.

There are other “microfractions” lost too.  They can help strengthen the immune system and prevent infection.

The other process has two parts that are just filtering with no chemicals.  The first part is “microfiltration” followed by “ultrafiltration”.

Using those two filtering processes produced whey protein isolate with no loss of peptides or other “microfractions”.

Whey protein drives protein synthesis more than other kinds of protein because it digests so rapidly.  Additionally, whey has a high concentration of Branch Chain Amino Acids, (BCAAs).

Leucine, one of the BCAAs acts as a catalyst to start protein synthesis, hence, muscle growth.

As if that’s not enough, there is one more reason why whey drives protein synthesis.  It elevates insulin levels.  Insulin is a hormone that insulin drives the amino acids from the whey into the muscles.  And, it too is a catalyst for protein synthesis.

Research has shown that whey contributes to weight loss.  It does that by lowering levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin.


Casein protein is the reall slow digesting protein to keep protein synthesis going for much longer.

There are different kinds of casein.  There is sodium caseinate and calcium caseinate.  Pro JYM uses micellar casein.  It is the kind of casein which is in its natural form.

The caseinates mix more easily in water.  That is why manufacturers put them throught the process with harsh chemicals.

In addition to making the caseinates mix more easily, it causes them to digest much more quickly.  You have the whey for that.  You want the micellar casein to digest extremely slowly to prolong the protein synthesis.


There is a common misconception that straight up milk protein is inferior.  Not so!  It is 80% casein and 20% whey.  With a filtration process to make it more pure as an isolate, it is a very effective protein.  It has all the natural peptides and other microfractions to do the great work they do in the muscles.


What the research has shown is that when you have that bit of very fast whey, mainly a larger amount of casein, and then a medium-digesting protein in the middle to bridge the gap, it promotes muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth better than just whey.

The research has shown that you want a good deal of whey, but you really want to focus more on the casein aspect.


There are many benefits to egg protein.  It has many, many amino acids and BCAAs.  It is sometimes referred to as “the perfect protein”.

Research has shown that those who consume 3 whole eggs (with the yolks) gain considerably more muscle and strength than those who just eat the whites.

Getting the egg white protein into Pro JYM helps to bridge the gap between the fast digesting whey and the very slow digesting casein.  And, it’s a super bioavailable protein.


Pro JYM Protein Powder takes advantage of the latest scientific research findings along with the tireless testing and design by renowned expert Jim Stoppani, PhD.  The labeling is completely transparent.

The only flavor I’ve tasted is S’Mores.  It tastes so good I haven’t wanted to try anything else:)

There are many videos which Dr. Stopponi has made to educate people about Pro JYM and other JYM supplements.  He even gives detailed instructions about how best to mix and drink Pro JYM to get the very best performance outcomes.

I welcome your questions or comments below.  Until next time,