JYM Supplements – Post JYM – Review

This is my second in a series of Reviews of JYM Sports Supplements. My comparison research in studying many of the top sports supplements has led me to believe JYM Supplements are amongst the very best formulated.

You can read my review of JYM PRE Workout powder by clicking on the following link:

 JYM PRE Workout Review

This Review is of the post workout formula: “Post JYM”.

Jim Stoppani, PhD says of JYM Supplements: “JYM Supplement Science combines real science with real ingredients to deliver unreal results.”

As with the pre workout formula, Post JYM is a “cocktail” of ingredients scientifically designed, in just the right dosages to maximize effectiveness; for recovery, repair and for building more muscle. The pre-, and post JYM work synergistically to help get the greatest results from the hard work in the gym.

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POST JYM Powder 30      Servings

What is Post JYM?

These are carefully selected supplements of the highest quality in just the right dosages. Different than many other supplement companies you will not see “Proprietary Blend” on the ingredient label. That term enables companies to hide what ingredients they actually put into their formulas.

Whether they are lacking some quality ingredients that JYM uses, or, if they use smaller dosages, either way or both, is a disadvantage for the customers to get the best of results.

JYM is completely transparent revealing every ingredient and the full and precise doses of 8 science-backed ingredients.

Dr Jim Stoppani DB Press


What are these ingredients and what do they do?

  • L-Glutamine (3g) is a non-essential amino acid that helps with the synthesis of protein. It helps muscles recover more quickly between workouts. It strengthens the immune system and contribute to muscle growth.
  • Creatine HCL (2g) is used to improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass and strength. It has advantages over the more common Creatine Monohydrate. It is absorbed more quickly, smaller amounts are needed and there is no loading phase. Research has indicated that one of the best times to get a dose of creatine is after workouts.
    • This is especially true when consuming creatine along with ingredients that spike insulin levels, such as leucine and dextrose, which are included in the Post JYM Active Ingredients Matrix and Post JYM Dextrose.
  • Beta-Alanine (2g) contributes to increased strength, power, endurance and recovery. I It improves fat loss and muscle growth, especially when taken with creatine. It is ideal to take Beta-Alanine right after workouts when muscle fibers are at their zenith to utilize nutrients. Taking it with leucine and dextrose, as in Post JYM improves its uptake for the muscles.

    Jim-Stopponi-PRE JYM
    Jim Stopponi and PRE JYM
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (2g) Carnation increases muscle recovery. It increases Nitric Oxide production which in turn increases blood flow to the muscles. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate also increase the amount of testosterone that enters the muscles.
    • Carnitine requires insulin to enter the muscles. JYM Post has leucine and dextrose expressly for this reason, to spike insulin production.
  • Betaine (1.5g) improves muscle strength and power. It also increases protein synthesis after workouts.
    • University of Connecticut researchers reported that supplementing with 1.25 grams of betaine twice per day for two weeks increased bench press power by 20 percent.
  • Taurine (1g) is an amino acid that is important for endurance and muscle strength. It is depleted during workouts which can impair muscle strength and endurance. That is why it is important to replenish it after workouts.
  • BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) in a 3:1:1 ratio
    • L-Leucine (3.6 g) stimulates protein synthesis, (muscle growth) post workout. It also stimulates insulin release which sends more amino acids, creatine, and carnitine from Post JYM into the muscles.
    • L-Isoleucine (1.2 g) helps endurance, repair and rebuilding of muscles, boosts energy and helps overall with recovery
    • L-Valine (1.2 g) is used to repair muscle tissue and in muscle metabolism. It also helps in regulating nitrogen levels
  • Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Fruit Extract (as BioPerine®) (5.3 mg) is a patented extract of the fruit of black pepper that contain standardized amounts of the active ingredient piperine. Studies have shown when a 5 mg dose of BioPerine® is taken with other supplements, it increases the absorption of those supplements by 30 to 2,000 percent.*
POST JYM Powder 30 Servings


How is Post JYM Different From Others?

As Jim Stoppani explains on his website, Many of the ingredients in Post JYM Active Ingredients Matrix mirror ingredients in Pre JYM blend. These ingredients include BCAAs, creatine HCL, beta-alanine, betaine, and taurine.

These five ingredients need to be consumed before and after every workout for maximal performance and muscle growth. Thus, Pre and Post JYM are designed to work in concert. Take Pre JYM to train like an animal; use Post JYM to recover like a pro.

Like every JYM product, Post JYM contains no proprietary blends, proper dosing on all ingredients, no “abbreviated” formulas, no concentrates, and no BS. All eight of the ingredients in Post JYM are critical for recovery.

There is no filler. Every single ingredient is included at the best dose to optimize repair and growth. That’s the power, and promise, of Post JYM.

Who Formulated Post JYM?

Jim Stoppani, PhD is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier authorities and science-based expert when it comes to exercise science, sports nutrition and supplementation muscle building and fat loss.

Jim Stoppani, PhD is my go-to, science-based expert when it comes to exercise science, sports nutrition and supplementation.

If you wish to learn more about Dr. Jim Stoppani click the following link:

Dr. Jim Stoppani

You can read my review of JYM PRE Workout powder by clicking on the following link:

 JYM PRE Workout Review

As explained on his website, Dr. Stoppani received his doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut. Following graduation, he served as a postdoctoral research fellow in the prestigious John B. Pierce Laboratory and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine, where he investigated the effects of exercise and diet on gene regulation in muscle tissue.

He’s written and edited various top industry periodicals and books. He’s trained celebrities like The Rock, LL Cool J, Dr Drey and more. He’s helped millions through his various platforms online. He has over 60,000 in his Facebook group.

And as he says on his website, his personal and company mission is to change lives through proper training, nutrition and supplementation, all based on the latest scientific research, while following the motto of “Do the Right Thing.” https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/jim-stoppani

JYM PRE Workout 30 Servings

How and When to Take it?

POST JYM Powder 30 Servings

To maximize the effectiveness, there are some special directions for taking Post Jym. Dr. Stopponi explains on his website: taking supplements for optimal results isn’t just a random thing. There’s a science to it, literally. Timing is critical, as is proper dosing and the biochemical interactions between individual ingredients. I’ve taken care of formulating all the JYM products for you in the right combinations and in the safest, most effective doses.

Following are the directions. You won’t see all these on the label but Dr. Stopponi explains them on his website:

  • Shake up the container of Post JYM active matrix (making sure the cap is on tight!) before using. Make make sure all 13 ingredients are mixed up, stay in their intended ratios and none have settled at the bottom. I recommend taking the scoop out before you do this so it doesn’t get buried in the powder!
  • Mix Post JYM in plenty of water. I recommend at least 20 ounces, and up to 32.
  • If you’re having Post JYM fast carbs/dextrose, throw that in the shaker cup too.
  • Mix/shake Post JYM vigorously with water and then let it sit for a while – at least 10-15 minutes while continuing to shake it up periodically – before sipping on it. If possible, have your Post JYM already mixed before your workout so it’s waiting for you when you finish training (preferably in a cooler or refrigerator so it stays cold for the best taste). Shake it up again, then starting sipping. Just don’t let mixed up Post JYM sit for more than around eight hours refrigerated – if you do, the creatine will start to break down.
  • Again, sip on Post JYM slowly over the next 20+ minutes for maximal absorption and to avoid any stomach discomfort.
  • If you have Post JYM dextrose mixed in, your post-workout carbs are taken care of. If not, chomp on your fast carbs (gummy bears, pixy sticks, white bread, etc.) as you’re drinking your Post JYM active matrix.
  • I’m not overly particular about whether you take Post JYM or Pro JYM first after your workout. I typically finish my Pro JYM before I start sipping on Post JYM, but many other people start sipping on their Post JYM immediately after working out and then chug their Pro JYM when they’re finished with that. Either way is fine.
  • Post JYM may cause a mild tingling sensation in your skin. Again, it’s just the beta-alanine. Don’t be concerned.

Final Thoughts

My research and my personal experience using post workout supplements has brought me to a place where I think the science backed ingredients that go into Post JYM make it the very best. If you try it I think you’ll agree and be amazed by the results you’ve experienced with any other post workout supplements.

You may purchase by clicking on any of the pictures of POST or PRE JYM.  If there are ever prices lower somewhere else, bodybuilding.com has a Price Match Guarantee.

If you have any comments you’d like to share, or, have any questions, please feel free to leave them below.